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Smart Homes Need Smart Protection: Getting to Know Smart Cameras

Things seem to be getting smarter and smarter these days. From smartphones to smart pressure cookers, anything that can be built with a brain or an internet connection seems to be being bulked up. Some items that are getting brains don’t necessarily make a lot of sense (smart toothbrushes?), and others seem like they should…

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Video Doorbells: Say Hello to Your Virtual Doorman

Everywhere you look, new smart home technology seems to be popping up. Security cameras that can tell friend from foe and UPS delivery man from the neighbor’s dog, door locks that only need a smartphone to unlock them and thermostats that can adjust themselves to keep you comfortable all day and night are just a…

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Smart Appliances

Alexa, Am I Out of Milk? Smart Appliances 101

It seems like everything is getting smart these days. First, the phones were smart, then the thermostats. Now you can buy smart lighting, smart locks, smart cameras and even smart little sensors that can tell you when there’s a water leak or a window are unlocked. What about your appliances, though? Smart appliances do exist,…

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Emergency Repair Cash

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Now You Need Emergency Repair Cash

Show Me The Money! Sources to Check for Emergency Funds You’ve exhausted your couch cushions, checked all the payphones for quarters (what’s a payphone? Nevermind!), do some odd jobs for the neighbors and you’re still nowhere near having the cash to fix the gaping non-electrified hole in your life. This is getting unbearable and your…

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